AquaServe UK

Aquaserve UK specialises in management and maintenance services on inland waterways across the UK.


Based in Corby, Northamptonshire. Aquaserve UK provide planned, scheduled and reactive works on inland waterways including, rivers, streams, ponds, attenuation basins, canals, lakes, reservoirs, and ditches, for UK public and commercial sector clients. We provide flood auditing and prevention services to local authorities, public sector, and commercial operators. Serving over 687,000 residents and businesses, 150km of waterway and over 125 ponds, lakes, and attenuation facilities. Many being classed as critical or strategic flood infrastructure.

We offer innovative and environmentally considered solutions to assist in flood prevention, waterway maintenance and services associated with the management of the aquatic environment and the prevention of flooding. This critical work means fully considering and promoting the importance of these valued, biodiverse habitats. We understand that inland waterways are important blue corridors as well as important flood management infrastructure, which is why we provide, innovative, and forward-thinking solutions.

Our staff are our success, and we invest significantly in training and skills to ensure that our team are fully equipped and knowledgeable about the work we do and can offer sound and considered, bespoke advice and solutions in a dynamic and challenging environment.

Fish Stock Management Services - Aquaserve UK

The close partnership of Aquaserve Management Limited and Aquaserve Maintenance Limited ensures that we provide a fully integrated service from the identification, auditing, inspection, or survey stage through to maintenance, restoration, and remediation.

We work closely with clients and stakeholders to ensure that our approach is inclusive and will resolve the issue rather than just move it on. This engagement with clients and other parties is critical in working to assist with strategic flood resilience and prevention.

We are fully committed to out clients needs and offer bespoke works to ensure that each client receives the service they need, when they need it. Inland waterways are dynamic environments that require dynamic solutions, and we provide this 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year.