AquaServe Maintenance

Contract Maintenance

Maintain your waterbody or watercourses to a high standard.

River & Stream Clearing

Ensure that your watercourses are kept open and running freely

Lake & Pond Clearance

Clearance of lakes, ponds and still waters to remove litter and debris

Culvert & Guard Clearing

We can help keep your culverts & guards fully functional

Emergency Call Outs

A dedicated service to assist in time critical works and emergency situations.

Aquatic Plant Control

A broad portfolio providing removal and maintenance of lilies, aquatic plants and weed from water ways

Grounds & Landscaping

To ensure that areas around the watercourse are complimentary and maintained to a high standard.

Tree Work

A full tree service for trees in and around water bodies - lakes, ponds, rivers etc

Aquatic Planting

From planting designs and schedules to installation and planting.

Bridge De-silting

A specialist service to remove silt and other obstacles from under bridges

Garden Ponds

Cleaning and restoring of lined garden ponds and replacement of liners filters and pumps

Silt Reduction

Supply and application of aquatic chalk to reduce silts and improve aquatic environment

Watercourse Improvement

A wide range of services e.g. reed bed planting and gravel washing

Erosion Control

A range of options to reduce ground loss and remediate damage

Coir Products

A range of coir products for various aquatic requirements

Geese Control

The control of geese numbers by egg treatment.

Drone Surveys

Arial and underwater surveys undertaken to meet your requirements

Jet Washing

Cleaning and washing of walkways and hard standing around watercourses

Pollution & Spills Response

A call out service to assist in clearing up oils, fuel and other spills in watercourses

Fishing Line Removal

To identify and remove discarded line and tackle from around watercourses

Water Testing

A range of water quality tests to meet your requirements


Consultancy on all matters and issues aquatic


A range of surveys to meet your requirements


A range of services to remove silt from lakes and other water bodies

Lake & Pond Construction

We can construct your new pond or lake

Lake & Pond Restoration

We can restore your pond or lake

Fish Surveys

Fish stock issues? We can survey your fish stock

Fish Removals & Rescues

Fish stock issues? We can remove or rescue your fish