AquaServe Management

The Audit Process

The audit will vary slightly depending on the watercourse concerned but a typical report will look at the following:

  • An audit of water retaining structures such as dams, weirs and sluices to see if they are intact and functioning well
  • The condition and functionality of the water recharge system
  • The condition and functionality of the water discharge system
  • The free passage of water and the presence of any blockages or constrictions that could lead to increased flood risk
  • The ability of the lake, pond etc. to retain water
  • The condition of the banks to ascertain any signs of erosion, undercutting or collapse
  • Silt deposition
  • Start or progression of succession by plants and trees
  • Safety considerations

In most cases the audit takes about 1 hour and can be completed without a supervisor. The report is typically sent within seven days of the audit as a .pdf file.


Each audit is priced individually. Please see our pricing guidelines.

Other services

We can also provide the following services as part of our inspections

  • Standard water testing to look at general water quality
  • Algae testing to look for blue-green algae
  • Microbiological testing for waters that people use for swimming or other water sports
  • Risk assessment audits to ensure that the water body is being managed safely

Bridge Audits

This service is in place to inspect under bridges to look at silt accumulations, the free passage of water and any obstacles or blockages. These audits are invaluable to help manage flood risk and to ensure that bridges are performing to their maximum design capacity.

What about Maintenance?

Whilst Aquaserve Management Limited do not undertake any works to your watercourse please visit our sister company AquaServe Maintenance Limited for all aspects of aquatic maintenance.