Coir Products

We supply a full range of coir products for use for erosion control bank stabilisation, planting schemes and habitat enhancement. Our coir is sourced from specialist manufacturers in Sri Lanka and India. All our coir products, unless engineered differently, are fully biodegradable. We can also supply pre-planted coir roll and pallets as a standard mix or grown to order.

Coir Rolls

These are typically used for bank restoration where there is not a large degree of engineering or load bearing required. These are also used in reed bed filters and border on other bank reinstatement schemes. These are available in:

  • Coir Rolls 300mm x 3m
  • Coir Rolls 200mm x 3m

Coir Pallets

These are typically used for reed bed installations or large-scale planting schemes, often pre-planted rather than dry. We can supply these in 2m x 1m with a dry weight of 5kg per m².

Coir matting

This is a very flexible material ideal for reducing surface erosion, light to moderate bank stabilisation as would be found on newly dug/restored lakes and ponds and for low to moderate energy river embankments and spillways. The product comes in a variety of thicknesses and come either fully biodegradable or with a polypropylene mesh for more demanding installations. As a rule the 900gsm is better suited for aquatic plants with the lighter 400gsm suitable for grass and terrestrial plants. We can supply this in the following specifications:

  • 400gsm fully biodegradable, 2.4m x 50m roll
  • 900gsm fully biodegradable, 2m x 25m roll
  • 400gsm with polypropylene mesh, 2.4m x 50m roll
  • 500gsm with heavy duty polypropylene mesh, 2m x 20m roll

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