Consultancy is a rapidly expanding area of our business and we are proud to be involved in a broad spectrum of projects for private, commercial and public-sector clients across the UK. The consultancy services we provide include most aspects of water management from feasibility and creation of a new lakes or ponds, to resolving existing water quality problems.

We provide a leading consultancy service in a very dynamic environment. Our work, involving hundreds of lakes, ponds and moving watercourses, gives us first-class experience and real-world knowledge to ensure that we offer the best advice to our clients in achieving their aspirations and objectives.

On-site client meeting

New Builds

We offer consultancy at the earliest stage to ensure that potential problems are managed out of the design. By evaluating plans for the initial installation, we can plan for the lifespan of the water to ensure that decades later, the watercourse can perform and be managed and maintained. This is especially important with SUDS where poor design often leads to very costly maintenance works.

Water Quality

We have a strong reputation for our work on waters with poor water quality and assist several recreational waters including swimming lakes, rowing lakes, public parks and other recreational waters that suffer from poor water quality. This is a notoriously difficult field to work in as resolving the problem is often complex and require bespoke solutions to each water.

Restoration & Management Plans

We work with councils, residents’ associations and landowners to provide restoration and management plans for lakes, ponds rivers and other water features that have fallen into neglect or have been poorly managed by companies or agents with little knowledge or understanding of the aquatic environment.

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