AquaServe Maintenance

Service and Contract Maintenance

We provide both regular maintenance and service contracting to ensure that watercourses are maintained to a high standard and in optimal functional order. The requirements of each customer will vary, and we take a flexible approach to this to ensure that the level of service meets the exact requirement of the watercourse and considers its likely seasonal variations. A good example of this would be a client who has several streams that could block and therefore require regular unblocking over the autumn and winter but would need very little attention in the summer.

Our comprehensive range of services means that we are usually able to provide all aspects of the watercourse management from grass cutting and strimming to unblocking and improving as well as important safety aspects such as checking that culvert guards are secure and lifesaving apparatus and signs are in place. The frequency and timings of the services will also be planned to ensure that you receive the services you need when you need them. We also ensure that service contract customers receive preferential rates for any works required additional to the contract.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements and we will work hard to provide the right service package for your needs.

We have found that this service is particularly valuable for SUDS features, residential estates, business parks and at parks and recreations areas, where grounds keeping needs to be kept to a high standard. We are well equipped to work on these areas from the water and the land to ensure that these spaces are maintained to a high standard and are complimentary to the area.

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