Drone Surveys

We have invested significantly in drone technology to improve the quality of the service we offer. We can now undertake drone survey from the air and under water to see the aquatic world like never before. Up until now these drones have been used exclusively by our sister company for the consultancy service it offers but we will soon be offering these surveys to all our clients.

Ariel surveys

Using high-powered drones, the images returned are detailed in stunning 4K photography, so much detail in fact we have had to replace most of our computers for machines able to process the data. See your lake, pond, river, state or property like with crystal clear footage and photography.

The drones have been used extensively on large lake and ponds to identify algae blooms and to record water recharge where the water colour is affecting the receiving water. The drones have also been especially useful for bird eye view when locating potential water sources on new build lakes, all details we would miss from ground level.

Underwater drones

For years the underwater world has evaded us but finally the technology exists to send a drone underwater to film below the surface. This is very new technology to such an extent that we are still learning how to operate the machine. The drone can travel, tethered, up to 100ft in depth and over 200ft from the controller. VR goggles give an immersive experience and the footage is recorded in high definition footage.

For more information regarding drone footage from above or below please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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