Fish surveys

Fish survey work is a significant part of our work and we work with a large number of clients across the UK to provide this service. We can work on ponds, lakes, rivers, drains, canals and any other inland water feature. The reasons for fish surveys are varied but amongst the most common are:

Pre-construction/development surveys

These surveys will often be a condition of planning or other consents and be requested to demonstrate the species and populations of fish present in the water and provide a report detailing this.

Translocation/Removal surveys

These are typically used prior to a water being dewatered or decommissioned and are used to ascertain the species and population of fish, and also to collect a sample of fish for health testing prior to the fish being moved to a new site.

Ecology surveys

These will often take the same form as translocation surveys as these are typically undertaken on ponds set aside for amphibians that require fish populations to be reduced or removed entirely.

Hydroelectric surveys

These are undertaken on potential hydroelectric sites to ascertain the presence of fish that might be impacted by the installation.

Fish Survey work is very specialised field and requiring specialised equipment including seine nets, traps and electrofishing equipment including boat and backpack sets. Fish work is regulated by both CEFAS and the Environment Agency and in most cases, waters will need to be registered with permits obtained prior to works commencing. If you require a survey, please discuss your requirements with us so we can provide the right survey for your needs.

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