Fishing line removal

Unfortunately, some anglers care little for the environment and waters they fish and through either laziness, ignorance or incompetence lose tackle in trees, bushes and other features in the water. Monofilament line is particularly nasty for the local environment being very slow to break down and this, with associated hooks, is a serious hazard to wildlife.

We are well equipped to remove fishing lines ensuring that the local area is cleaner and making sure that the wildlife is at less risk of entanglement or being hooked on discarded tackle. Most tackle will end up either on overhanging trees or trees on islands and with a combination of specialist tools and equipment we are able to retrieve most tackle, even if occasionally a small branch must be cut out to retrieve it.

We can access islands and open water from boats meaning that we can clear up fishing lines that are out of reach for many people. We also take all line and tackle away to be properly disposed of to ensure that it can no longer damage the local environment and harm wildlife.

Whilst fishing line can be removed at any time of year we recommend that removals are undertaken in early spring before the leaves grow back hiding the line. This also removes fishing line and tackle before nesting season where unfortunately, birds will use fishing line for nesting material, often killing both parent and young by entanglement.

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