Grounds keeping and landscaping

Lakes, ponds and other water features are often a focal point of a garden, estate or grounds keeping the surrounding areas in pristine condition can significantly enhance the waterscape. Landscaping around water features is often specialised work due to the different types of plants, steep and slippery banks and soft, sometimes waterlogged area of ground

We offer a range of services including strimming, litter picking, grass cutting, plant management and general landscaping as well as seasonal work to ensure that the environment around each watercourse is beautifully maintained and ready for the coming season. There is very often a seasonal aspect to this work as well, as autumn pruning, cutting and pollarding will prevent marginal plants from rotting down and adding to the silt and nutrient loading of the water.

We provide a full service maintaining and improving the areas around lakes, ponds, streams and any other watercourses. or other water features to ensure it is an attractive and well-maintained area and that the grounds surrounding the water are maintained to best benefit the water feature.

Wherever possible we are sympathetic to the wider environments and on many watercourses, we will try to leave areas of planting that would provide refuge and feeding opportunities for overwintering birds. In such cases we will work with the client to implement a management plan to ensure that whilst areas are maintained for wildlife, this is done in rotation to ensure the entire area is always managed.

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