Jet washing - paths and walkways

Paths and walkways around watercourses often need cleaning due to accumulations of waterfowl faeces, algae, moss and rotted leaves. This is often very slippery and can cause members of the public to slip causing injuries. Bird faeces can also carry a number of pathogens harmful to human health and typically the areas around lakes and ponds attract children who can easily come into contact with the faecal matter.

We operate modern powerful jet washers that will pump water from the watercourse to ensure that no additional phosphate from treated water enters the watercourse. For this reason, we also avoid using detergents or solutions as these tend to contain ammonia and phosphate. Our jet washers are also petrol powered meaning we can work independently of both mains water and power supply.

As bird faeces, leaves and other organic matter is so rich in nutrients we will endeavour to remove as much of this material both before and during the process to reduce the amount of additional organic matter entering the water course. We will also seek to remove litter from the areas to ensure that this is not washed into the water course.

For larger areas we can provide mechanical scrubbing apparatus although the use of such equipment may be dependent on the onsite access and the quality of the surface needing to be cleaned. Please discuss your needs so we can provide the most appropriate solution.

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