Lake and pond construction

This is the most recent addition to our portfolio and has been in increasing demand over the past 2 years. The reasons for the creation of ponds and lakes vary but typically this will be for irrigation, fishing, water attenuation or simply a focal point of the garden or grounds to be enjoyed. We pride ourselves in providing stunning water features that can be enjoyable and practical.

We work with the best liner companies in the country and can provide a range of lined options dependent on the size, capacity and use of the new pond or lake. The projects we work on vary from small garden ponds of 300 square metres right up to large attenuation lakes of 120,000 square metres, although on projects this size we use specialist liner installers that weld liners in situ.

We offer a comprehensive service as not only can we provide and install the pond or lake, but we can also take care of aquatic planting, erosion control, weed control, algae control, filtration fish stocking and maintenance. This means that we can complete the project from conception to completion without the inconvenience of bringing in dozens of different contractors for each aspect of the works.

It can be difficult to decide how you want your new pond or lake to look so we always recommend to new clients that they spend some time visiting other ponds and lakes and taking photographs of ones that they like, or even just specific features, this will give us a better understanding of the what is required and help us to deliver the pond or lake you desire.

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