Lake and pond restoration

We work extensively in the restoration of lakes, ponds, rivers, streams and other water features that have long been neglected or mismanaged. Lowland waters will always, if left alone, try to revert to forest, a process that has seen tens of thousands of ponds and lakes being lost for good.

We undertake several restoration projects every year from ponds that are completely dried up with trees growing inside to lakes that are almost totally overgrown and inaccessible. The restoration required will vary on each water but often a combination of tree works, and de-silting are involved.

We have our own desilting team, tree surgeon and other specialised staff to ensure that the restoration of your water is completed to a high standard and that the water in question become fully functioning. We will also work with you to provide guidance on future management and maintenance to ensure that once restored, the water does not revert to its previous condition.

Lake and pond restoration is an incredibly satisfying part of the work we do and there is a great pleasure in bringing back to like a long-neglected water feature. We will also try to ensure that the newly restored water can be managed to ensure that it can be easily managed and not fall into a condition where restorative work is required.

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