Survey work in an invaluable tool in freshwater management and often the first step gaining sufficient knowledge about the system and the life within it. This information can be used to provide advice and proposals to apply the correct works and remedies for the project to ensure that resources and money are not wasted on unnecessary works.

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In the first instance we spend some time discussing the project with you to understand what you wish to achieve, considering any regulatory requirements that may be mandatory depending on the scope of the project. Whilst all surveys will be individual to the water and circumstances, there are surveys that are commonly required including:

Basic Survey Package

This is aimed at smaller water and includes a site visit, water testing, visual inspection of structures, banks, erosion, macrophytes and other wildlife influences. Depending on the water this may also include a basic fish survey to ascertain species composition and populations. This is then reported as a .PDF file with proposals and recommendations based on the outcome of the survey.

Comprehensive Survey Package

This is typically used for larger waters and may take several days dependent on the size of the water, this will include the items above but often also include algal testing, silt analysis, silt mapping and fish health testing.

Detailed survey package

This will often be very specific testing and may require external consultants who can undertake trawl sampling, BMWP scoring and newt surveys. This type of survey will typically include all the items in the other survey packages but will often include more detailed analysis including scale readings and ageing, fish digestive analysis, crayfish trapping and aerial and underwater drome filming.

We offer an extensive range of survey options including many not detailed here, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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