Lake and pond de-silting

We have a track record of providing comprehensive de-silting of ponds, streams and ditches. We use modern and often specialised mechanical plant to ensure the work is completed quickly and safely. De-silting is very specialised work and should only be undertaken by specialist contractors experienced in this type of work. We have a specialist de-silting team that can work on almost any water course, however, due to this being so specialised, we are limited to the number of jobs we can fit into a year.

De-silting is immensely challenging and messy and is not something that many clients wish to see often. After all, it can take 2 – 3 years for the water to mature to the pre-silt-removal levels. Following desilting we will be able to assist in restoring the water back to its full potential and work with you to implement a management plan to reduce the build-up of silt in the future.

The de-silting service we offer is based on the use of mechanical excavators to remove the silt. We have been involved with several schemes where silt was pumped and are sad to say that the results fall some way short of expectations and not to the standard we require for our customers.

If you feel that your water requires de-silting please contact us to arrange a site visit. We are often asked for an estimate over the phone and this is something we cannot do, due to the complexity of such work at least one visit is always required and on larger or more complicated jobs, several visits may be required.

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