Silt Reduction & Aquatic Chalk

Silt Reduction

Silt is responsible for the loss of pond and lakes and can be a serious problem in moving watercourses, smothering valued gravels. Silt is a natural part of the aquatic environment although one that requires management.

Silt reduction can be as extreme as a full de-silting in a lake, to the use of aquatic chalk. There are other ways that silt is managed including the use of filter beds, silt traps, riffles or jet-washing in rivers and streams or the use of mechanical agitation in ponds and lakes.

Aquatic Chalk

The use of aquatic chalk to promote natural processing of organic waste is one of the most common and efficient way of improving water quality in lakes and ponds.

Aquatic chalk is an entirely natural product that is used to reduce silt accumulations, improve water quality, and increase the productivity of a pond or lake. The product is non-toxic and safe for waterfowl, fish, pets, and livestock.

AquaServe UK use tonnes of chalk annually and see amazing result on all manner of lakes and ponds and can provide a full application service. You can also buy this product directly from AquaServe UK or use their great value subscription service, where we visit each spring and autumn, apply the chalk, and remove the waste

Silt Reduction & Aquatic Chalk