Algae Control

Algae control is a growing issue as eutrophication of water increases, leading to more available nutrients that support and accelerate the growth of algae. Algal blooms can be hugely detrimental to waters and during summer, are responsible for sudden oxygen crashes that can decimate a water overnight wiping out entire populations of fish. Even in less extreme cases the additional stress put on fish during harmful algae blooms leads then to be more susceptible to fungal and bacterial infections.

In most cases algae control starts with water quality and there are a number of actions that can be taken to improve water quality reduce algae population. In the shorter terms there are also actions that can alleviate the issues whilst management solutions are applied for long term control. AquaServe UK are well equipped to offer long term management of algae populations as well as the short-term fixes required to keep the water in good health.

Algae control