Aquatic Weed Control

Aquatic weed control is a significant challenge and one that AquaServe UK can meet. Whether soft submerged weeds, emergent lily pads or robust marginal plants, AquaServe UK can control and manage this problem.

AquaServe UK provide a comprehensive cutting and harvesting service using amphibious machines that can cut, rake, skim and even dig weed out of the watercourse. The machine comes with a range of attachments that allow it to work in most water courses and be utilised to perform several weed removal functions suitable for any weed.

Weed removal is a costly business and it can grow back quickly, AquaServe UK always try to find a solution to prevent regrowth including the use of Aquatic Dye that can be purchased from them. The dye is safe to use and has a high success rate in most lakes and ponds, they will work out the correct dosage and can offer application services.

Aquatic weed control