Underground CCTV & Aerial Drone Surveys

Underground CCTV Surveys

A great deal of critical drainage infrastructure is underground and often poorly accessible. The small confines of many culverts and lack of inspection hatches, mean that culverts and underground water courses can easily block and lose capacity without being noticed

AquaServe UK utilise state of the art CCTV crawler systems, underwater drones, and CCTV endoscopes to explore underground watercourses and culverts. This equipment can be especially useful to inspect the capacity and condition of the structure.

The footage taken is then provided to the client allowing them to see the full scope of the survey along with a report documenting their findings. Quotations for the works can also be provided upon request.

Underground CCTV Surveys

Aerial Drone Surveys

The use of drones has significantly enhanced the ability to understand watercourse and the factors that influence these. Remote control drone can offer new insight never previously available, in real time, capturing algal blooms, water convergence and even feeding fish, in stunning detail.

AquaServe UK use modern, high specification drones to film and photograph waters from almost any height in almost any condition. This information is displayed in real time and is also recorded for later consideration. This is particularly valuable to monitor the extent of flooding or seasonal changes to a water.

Arial Drone Surveys