Tree Pollarding and Canopy Work

Many trees benefit from canopy work whether this be pollarding in the case of willows or crown lifting, balancing, or the removal of dead wood or thinning the canopy.

Good tree husbandry will prolong the life of a tree, ensure that it is better prepared to cope with wind and keep the tree looking at its very best. This can also help to assure that damaged and weak branches are not a risk for people or property underneath the canopy.

AquaServe UK can access almost any tree using modern equipment and fully trained operatives that will work to ensure that the tree is maintained in full health and will live for years to come.

Ivy cutting

We are well equipped to cut and remove ivy from trees where this invasive plant is suffocating the tree, we can clear ivy from almost any height using trained operatives utilising tracked, high access platforms.

Tree Pollarding & Canopy Works