Water and Environmental Testing

Water quality is critically important for much of the work we do and to many of our clients from outdoor swimming lakes, construction sites, SUDS development and fisheries management. There are almost countless parameters that can be measured, and we can arrange for most testing that is required. Whilst some of our testing is undertaken in house, we also work with leading laboratories in the UK and Europe to provide a comprehensive range of testing.

Water testing

We provide this as a basic set from general water quality monitoring to detailed, in depth analysis for Water Framework Directive Pollutant testing. Any of the water suites can be undertaken as a one-off sample or as part of a regular water testing programme to understand water quality trends.

Construction Site Monitoring

An increasingly popular service, we can offer full packages for water quality monitoring on construction sites including the arrangement of in fiekd continuous monitoring equipment.

Algae Testing

This is used to determine the species of algae present and the cell counts, this is typically used when there may be a risk of blue-green algae to identify the species and risk of it becoming toxic.

Microbiological Testing

This testing suite is associated with outdoor swimming water but is increasingly being required for assurance of water suitability where recreational watersports are undertaken.

Silt analysis

Testing for simple silt analysis to gauge nutrient loading, hydrocarbons and metals. Silt can also be tested for Waste Acceptance Criteria (WAC) for de-silting projects.

Other tests

For any other testing please do contact us, we can normally assist with your enquiry.

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